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science at Suzanne Cory

At Suzanne Cory 19/8/2015

At Suzanne Cory high school my favourite part was the invisible ink witch turned out to be pretty much a fun activity about dry ice. We put dry ice in water and it made smoke/steam for about 10 minutes.

Dry ice is -80 degrees carbon dioxide.


We did slime first, my first attempt went bad. my second worked but by the end of the day looked like it got thrown at something. we used p v a glue, borax, water and glycerine.

Our second activity was magnets and static electricity. We rubbed balloons on our hair and touched a metal ball when we touched it the ball gave us a little zap. We hit it with a little metal ball and saw a little blue light of electricity. I learnt about static electricity and a bit about how magnets push against each other. 

For our third activity we put paper money on fire. Then we put a five dollar note in a mixture of vinegar salt and methylated spirts and it didn’t burn but we could see it because the salt went on fire.

At the end of the day I felt pretty good because I got to set off the dry ice and David keep blowing it everywhere.

By Brett


My writing

The wizard of orange and black returns to his home. Two very large islands in the shape of two massive hands. He ventures through the island when he starts to feel something is wrong, he senses it, then the island starts to shake. He knows what’s up. He heads for the edge of the islands and dives using one of his spells he gently floats down to the bottom and lands one legged on a rock. He uses another spell to lift rocks from under the sea. He runs quickly and silently across them when all of a sudden a massive wave hits the rock.

He wakes up several years later in a body that does not feel right he feels younger stronger quicker and stealthier. He looks up magical waves and finds that he was hit by a magical wave that changes any living things species. There are four species, dwarf, the miner’s, human’s trolls and the elf’s.

He notices the difference he is not a troll because they are green. He is not a dwarf because he is tall enough to touch the roof if he jumped. That’s why he feels so young he notices he must be an elf he feels so young because elf’s live for at least 200 years.



I did this writing to show that my writing gets much better when edited