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my passion project

For my passion project will be doing how to draw legendary Pokémon. These are the Pokémon I will be drawing. I will get most of these from a web site called

and reshiram-dragon-fire

a dangerous way to school

As we walk slowly to school we hear the sound of rushing water through the green leafy trees and thick bush. The sounds are distant but also the fact that we can hear it from back here is bad because it means its bean raining lately. We hear birds sometimes but they don’t usually fly at this time of the year. We come up to the river to find that the bridge had collapsed and was tilted on one side just above the water. We stand waiting for someone brave enough to try to cross. Eventually I get bored I start for the bridge. When I get there I stop and examine it. I see the top is sturdy same with the bottom but I will have to stop constantly to look for foot holds tough. I start I go hand by hand and foot over foot I know I shouldn’t look back because I will only get scared so I keep going forward. I go slowly watching for another place to move my foot I look up and see the end of the bridge it’s so close. I jump and make it by a smidge. I look back to see the other end of the line already moving miming my movements.

The end

children-going-to-school-around-the-world-35this picture came from:


my Pokémon Shrek and magic storey

The legend of a god Pokémon

On October 7th 2030 Arcues god of all came cross a new world with life he hadn’t seen yet. He encounters to famous fighter Jackie Chan and Bruce lee he decides to see what they would be like as Pokémon he changed their DNA to match a Pokémon’s they became hairy taller and boxing gloves appeared on their hands and that I how hitmonchan and hitmonlee became what they are now.

Arcues leaves the planet pleased with himself then just outside the range of earth’s satellites he gets hit on the head by a purple poke ball he gets stuck in it and notices that now he is stuck in service of the man who had caught him a silver haired magician named Magnus. Magnus was the creator of the master ball capable of capturing any Pokémon even the god Pokémon like Arcues the m for master originally meant Magnus but was changed to master when it was it was shown on the news to the world. Then all of a sudden Magnus and Arcues both detect two beings. Both remembering a legend that when a magician and god become inter twined the beings time dialga and the being of space palkia. But part of the legend was crumbled and destroyed in time the legend of the distortion giratina witch was banished by Arcues long ago was destined to return. To challenge all who oppose him. Magnus threw the poke ball and Arcues came back out from the poke ball ready to fight. Arcues god of all dialga god of time and palkia god of space where before this time had only been seen together at the start of time Arcues re-created the galaxy after dialga palkia and giratinas war witch went so far that Arcues banished giratina. But now when Arcues had been captured it ended the magical seal holding giratina in banishment. What no one saw was two smaller Pokémon mewtwo dexoys then all of a sudden mewtwos psychic power faltered and they all noticed the two new Pokémon then all of a sudden black blue and pink beams shot firm the trio of god’s dialga palkia and giratina. All of a sudden two blue see tough energy balls surround mewtwo dexoys Magnus and Arcues. The energies of the trio fade then Magnus uses his magic and more master balls hit each of the Pokémon mewtwo dexoys dialga palkia and giratina. Then they all fly one by one into his hands he calls Arcues back to his poke ball then puts all the poke balls in his belt.

Then he disappears back to earth to a place called pewter city where he heads to a gym with a leader called brock [gyms in this storey are not like normal gyms peoples Pokémon battle the challenger if they win get a badge from the leader 8 badges gets you to the elite four] Magnus finds brock and challenges him to battle brock accepts the judge says the rules then brock throws his poke balls with become hitmonchan and hitmonlee they stand ready to fight. In Magnus’s mind he says psychic beats fighting then he throws mewtwos poke ball in a flash mewtwo appears close combat shouts brock then the hitmons move in and start punishing hard and fast at mewtwo but it does nothing mewtwo made a field of energy to stop the punches the hitmons stop too tired to go on physic disk calls magus. And with a wave of mewtwo hand he unleashes the power of two flat pink disks of pure physic energy. They hit the hitmons full speed knocking them out in one attack. The hitmons are unable to battle mewtwo wins the round and the battle calls the judge. Brock just throws a badge Magnus catches it and leaves with mewtwo close behind brock stares in mute amazement then look up to see the hitmons gone they had transformed and left quickly to follow the powerful magician. They follow the magician down a street little did they know Magnus had payed his best friend an ogre named Shrek to bring him any one who follows him. Mewtwo and Magnus stoped so did the fighters then the two fighters felt large hand lift them from the ground Shrek carried them away to Magnus and mewtwo. When the fighters woke up they were tied to a wall then all of a sudden where unconscious again Shrek had punched them in the face.

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