my 2015 recount


2015 has been an awesome busy year I’m glad I was with 6 k for the year I don’t know what I would’ve done without them. Here are some of the pluses and minuses of my year.



Year 5/6 camp——I enjoyed camp because of the bush and all the activity’s mainly the hike.

Swimming-I liked swimming because we got to do diving and we even managed to get a demonstration.

P.E—-I really enjoy my sports I enjoyed learning and practising sports like badminton footy hocky and soccer.

graduation—-graduation was really fun and funny. at the start of the party before Charlie and Seth used helium to change their voices and people kept hitting every one with pillows. when the actual graduation started the video was pretty good and defiantly showed we had all grown heaps. it was funny because some people stumbled up the stairs I think even Mr quin did to .


Camp hike—–the camp hike was negative and positive because of the weather I liked the weather but at the end the showers went cold when we got back.

Athletics——I liked athletics but the weather at the end was so bad I almost couldn’t do relay.




Circuits—circuits was fun and interesting because we learnt how to make full circuits and now I even know how to make a fan or light bulb work.

Catapults—– it was fun and interesting to make catapults and to find out what angles where the best to launch with.

Passion project—it was and is still fun to learn stuff from other people your age and teaching someone something new is almost always fun.

and there’s  not long to the holidays


By Brett

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